How to Save the Planet

Short story: living on the ship has made me more liberal (relative to politics). Also, nationalism nauseates me.
Longer story: Reading the Bible has helped me to see past (umm, ignore) bipartisan lines and make my own decisions about how to live life based on the commands God has given us and the life Jesus has modeled.

Goals for this year:
Be a conscious consumer.
Be an ethical consumer of fashion.
Produce less waste and use less energy.

So how did I get here?
Well, I liken it to this: My boyfriend and I just finished doing a 30 day clean-eating/detox diet. Besides a total 36 pounds lost and generally having more energy, we have also become much more aware of what and how much we are eating. Similarly, I went on an unintentional consumerism detox when I lived in Cameroon. When I returned from my “detox”, I couldn’t pretend that I had not seen what I had seen. I could not simply return home and blindly consume. I want every dollar to count, and I do not want to do harm–either to the “garden” God has entrusted to us or the people within it.

So for the next 7 months, I am going to add one habit per month that will save energy, care for the planet, or care for the people on it. Just to be clear, I know my small efforts won’t “save” the planet. However, that does not affect the conviction in my heart that God has instructed Adam (mankind) to “guard and keep” what He has entrusted to us.*

*”And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and guard and keep it.” Genesis 2:15 AMPC

Apathy prevails no longer.

Join with me as I pursue more responsible stewardship in these areas and freak out the conservative right. Jesus-followers are COUNTER-cultural.

Just like Jesus was. Just check out the Gospels! (Matthew 22 is a prime example. In this example two opposing groups ask Jesus a trick question.) Numerous times, a group would approach him and try to trap him or get him to take sides. Every single time, Jesus’ answer went something like this, “none of the above options are correct.”
Dare to be different, my friends.

June: Use less plastic and disposable paper products.

During the month of June I tried to be very conscious of this. When grocery shopping, I brought reusable bags. When doing other shopping, I’d decline a bag for a single item purchase. Do I really need a bag for that bottle of nail polish? Um, no. In the purse it goes.

Oh, and water bottles. Poland springs does not taste any better than my brita-filtered or cucumber-infused tap water. I use one reusable container throughout the day and refill. There is absolutely no need to waste my money on disposable plastic in this country.

Also, foodware–I could eat those leftovers on a paper plate, or… I could put them on a real plate and throw it in the dishwasher afterwards. Like, for goodness sake!
Paper towels–traded them for real towels. I’m running a load of laundry anyways. Gosh.

So in the month of June, I realized that a few intentional choices can really help make near-effortless changes. It’s not like it consumed more of my time. So what was the big deal?

Paper products I still refuse to give up? Toilet paper.

Sorry trees.