Shifting timezones: What time is it? Game time.

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Now let’s get serious:

Sometime’s I can get so wrapped up in the details of planning that I have to consciously stop and live the day I’m in. Other days I’m so scared to approach the future that all I want to do is focus on what is right in front of me.

Today I am faced with both. I have a genuine need for deeper relationships and more established ministry here, but God has called me to leave “home” …again.
Today, I am faced with the sacrifice that it is to pursue God’s next step for me. This time, there is very little “unknown.” This time, I know what I’m getting into (with joy!), but I also know what exactly I’m sacrificing.


Today, I would appreciate all of YOUR prayers. At the end of this summer, I will pack up and ship out to volunteer with Mercy Ships! When I return, I will have missed a couple weddings and milestones of my friends’ children, but I will see my sisters play their last year of high school tennis TOGETHER, I’ll watch one sister graduate, I’ll attend a couple weddings and before I know it a whole year will have gone by.

God has promised me that he will supply ALL my needs–not only the physical/financial needs, but also the needs of my soul. This is a truth I know in my head that is still en route to my heart.


Today, I would love for you to pause with me, look to God, and in faith look ahead…to the fulfillment of all that God has promised.
Please stand next to me,
Hold up my shaking arms,
And watch God’s work unfold!


I will be departing one home for another home this August, I’ll be returning to the States in April, and I will continue to follow God’s gentle leading through life “all the way Home, Kirsten, all the way Home.


P.s. For anyone who also feels compelled to assist financially, I will share that link online as soon as it is setup. I need all the help I can get. Thank you!

*Edit*: There are two funds you may give to. One is for my personal expenses on board and the other covers the fees I have to pay to the organization for the privilege of volunteering 🙂