Faith Incredible: Patient Stories Through Eyes of Love

Below are current stories about patients we have cared for and are caring for in Benin over the last month. These are names and faces that I know. Here are their stories as told through other volunteers here on board:

Isaac’s story: When You Can’t Save Everyone

Iyebiye kan // Precious one

Physical Therapy with Valentin

Kids on the Block: a peek at a few plastics patients

Below is the story of an orthopedic patient from Madagascar who rehabilitated from December 2015 into the Spring of 2016. This will give you a taste of what is coming down the pike this November when orthopedic surgeries start again!

Fifalina: Courage Looks Like a Little Malagasy Girl

Thanks for checking in and getting glimpse of everything that’s going on in the hospital. It’s been very busy, exciting, and exhausting. However, I didn’t want anyone to mistake my blogosphere silence as an absence of activity. To the contrary! Time is flying by and I simply cannot fathom that I am leaving this beautiful tin box soon to experience my first winter in two years. The only reason I won’t leave kicking and screaming is because my Mom always told us as kids when leaving a friends house, “if you make a fuss every time you leave, you might not get to come back.”